Discover how to overcome your mental & emotional blocks to supercharge the growth in your business and personal life...
...and achieve your wildest and most audacious goals!
Most people are stuck in a rut, either in their business life or their personal life. They think that they don't have the right tactics or systems to make progress, so they learn more, read more, and try to gather more knowledge.

What very few realise is that 90% of your goals are not achieved because of your own internal limitations. Once you overcome them, you can almost instantly elevate yourself to the next level.

Discover how we've helped hundreds of people overcome their internal limitations and live their dream lives.
Knowledge is not Power

The biggest problem with the approach most business owners and entrepreneurs use to achieve their goals is illustrated by the graphic below.

They focus only on expertise trying to learn as many techniques as possible, thinking that knowledge alone will be enough to be successful. They read books, attend seminars, and watch webinars, all containing the latest strategies and statistics. All of this information could potentially make them successful, but it almost never works.
Why not?
Because despite what ‘gurus’ on the internet might say, knowledge and hard work are not enough.
To be successful, you also need to develop the right beliefs and build an environment that supports you, just like a strong foundation supports a tall building.
If you don't have a strong foundation, self-doubts and fears can quickly arise and overwhelm you. 
These emotions then determine what you do and what you don't do.
You will be stuck in a hamster wheel, end up making the same mistakes over and over again. 
You overthink, delay, procrastinate, doubt. No matter how hard you work, you won’t get the results you need. (And bad results are the most terrible thing that can happen to an entrepreneur ...)
Without the right environment, routines, and structures, you will spend your time on unimportant tasks that are emotionally draining and will cost you a lot of your energy, money and, above all, you precious time.
So what are you doing to solve this problem?
Instead of working to resolve these inner blockages, you ignore them and immerse yourself in absorbing even more “information”. Your mental and emotional blockages get stronger and bigger until it's too late ... and you give up on your dreams.

How can I find a better way?

"No problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it." 
- Albert Einstein -


Here you can see the most important elements needed to become successful and develop a winning mindset, creating lasting success!

Most people only focus on knowing and doing.

Exactly what the school system taught us: 

If you understand it on an intellectual level, then that is enough to be successful and to pass the test.
You know what you need to do. So, just do it.

Yes, knowledge is important. But the most important factors to achieve success are missing - identity, belief and environment.

The real process for creating success is BE-DO-HAVE.

Most people focus on what they want to HAVE, and what they need to DO - but not who they need to BE

Your "IDENTITY" is your beliefs about yourself, who you believe yourself to be or not to be. 

It is here you will find the biggest limitations in your journey to accomplish your goals.

Your core beliefs about yourself and the world around you are part of your subconscious mind. They are invisible to you, but they determine your reality and are often entirely contrary to your goals.  

The three main areas of belief are: 

  • What you think about yourself: "I can / I cannot", "I am / I am not"
  • What you believe about others: e.g. family and friends, your customers, strangers, and other successful people
  • What you believe about the world around you: your industry, money, life, success.

The biggest danger of any subconscious belief is that we perceive it as a reality. 

Here are some of the most common beliefs that prevent people from becoming successful: 

  • I'm a perfectionist. 
  • I don't have enough experience yet / I'm not ready. 
  • ​I'm not creative, not organized, not self-confident, not ...
  • ​I don't have enough contacts / money / time / etc ...
  • ​I don't have a team.
  • ​I can't afford to hire someone.
  • ​I have to do everything alone. 
  • Someone else has already done it. It is not unique. 
  • ​Others are better than me.
  • ​I don't know where to start.
  • ​I'm not motivated. 
  • ​I'm happy as things are.
  • It worked in the past. So, it will continue to be. ​
  • ​I know everything there is to know about this industry. 
  • ​The product has to be perfect before I release it. 
  • Slowly growing my business is safer than growing too fast. 
  • Other people have no doubts / no fears / no ...
  • ​If only I had more time, I could do so much more. 
  • ​Money is not that important to me.
  • ​The competition is too strong. 
  • ​Now is not the right time because ... 

Our beliefs determine how we perceive our reality, govern our thoughts, drive our emotions, and they will affect what we do and what we won't do. 

It doesn't matter that we know on an intellectual level that these negative beliefs are wrong. 

How many times have you tried to convince yourself to do something and were seemingly held back by an invisible force?   

We think that we just need more willpower and self-discipline, and we try hard to suppress these emotions.

But if we suppress our emotions, they will just keep coming back even stronger. 
But if we manage to resolve them entirely, we will create a new reality. 

The second area is our environment 

"You are a product of your environment, but your environment is also a product of you!" 
- Ben Ouattara -

It took me a long time to understand just how powerful and important your environment is in shaping who you are.

In many cases, it can be the deciding factor between success and failure. 

Your environment consists of the following factors: 

  • The people you spend time with
  • The places where you spend your time
  • The structures in your life 
  • ​The routines in your life
  • ​And your time (deadlines, milestones, time management).

It's very simple. People, places, routines, structures, and how you manage your time will all determine your success or failure. 

But they also have an extremely significant influence on the other three areas: 

Identity & Beliefs, Doing, and Knowing

because ...

KNOWLEDGE: The knowledge you acquire comes directly and indirectly from your environment. (Where you are and who you are with influences what you know.) 

IDENTITY & BELIEFS: Your environment directly shapes your identity and your beliefs. 
(Your friends, parents, family, business partners, and your culture have all influenced your beliefs about the world and about yourself for your entire life - and they continue to do so.) 

DOING: Your ability to get things done is significantly increased by having clear routines, structures, time management, deadlines, and accountability, as well as people and places that support your goals.

If we fail to create systems that can permanently adapt and shape themselves to our environment, to meet the needs of our goals, then we are victims of our circumstances.

Your environment will either work for you or against you - there is no in-between.

As entrepreneurs, we will often find ourselves in situations where we believe that we have reached our limits, and we will become emotionally challenged because we start to doubt ourselves and worry that we can't go on!

We are pioneers. This means that we are traveling paths we have never traveled before. No matter how much advice we have been given by experts and consultants, we're going to hit roadblocks along the way. We will plateau, and we're going to have moments where we feel unsure of what the next steps should be! 

The question is not whether or not we will experience moments like these. They will come. 100%! So the questions we need to ask are: 

"When will they come?"
"How can I deal with them?"

Do you have tools that will help you to free yourself from this state, mentally and emotionally?

Have you created an environment that makes it easier for you to stay on track and keep the momentum going?

If you have created this foundation, then you will be unstoppable!

These guiding principles are the main reason why the "Students of Life" who are in my Circle of Power Mentorship program achieve such incredible results in such a short time!

My students don’t increase their knowledge-base, but they do change the way they feel. Environment, routines, structure, clarity, purpose - they are all brought into alignment. As a result, their mental, emotional, and physical energies are maximized, saving them time and gaining them money.

Meet Your Mentor: Ben Ouattara

Ben Ouattara is one of the most sought after personal power and mindset coaches!

Through his motivational videos and his podcast "IAMPOSSIBLE", as well as the German podcast "Mach es einfach", he reaches millions of people and helps them to activate their personal power.

Using a magical blend of charisma and easy-to-implement expertise, he motivates his audience to finally take action and reach their goals!

Ben uses his poetry and creative videos, as well as humor, to break up the old-fashioned and monotonous personality development formats, and takes them to a whole new level!

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4. Was ist, wenn ich kein Ziel habe?
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